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It’s a fact: over 93% of adults in the UK own a mobile; on average each one of them sends over 200 texts a month, spends 2 hours a day on their phone and will text almost 2 million words in their lifetime. What’s more, unlike email where the average response takes as long as 90 minutes, 90% of us will reply to a text within a mere 3 minutes! That’s why more businesses are switching into their audience with our SMS solutions.


of adults in the UK who own a mobile


of smartphone shoppers make a purchase using their mobiles


of smartphone users prefer to use SMS over email

SMS Broadcasting

SMS Broadcasting is a quick and simple way to communicate with any audience – delivering timely and relevant information in a way which is guaranteed to grab their attention. Most text messages are read within minutes of arriving, which makes SMS Broadcasting a fantastic way for your customers to communicate efficiently with their audience.

Key Benefits:

Send customised text messages to individual or multiple numbers
Access the online system 24/7 to ensure timely communication
Ideal for broadcasting vital information quickly
Save message templates for easy re-sending
Full online management of databases and user groups
Broadcast immediately or schedule for a future date
View customised online broadcast reports and replies to any messages sent

Download the product sheet here.

SMS Call-Me

We’re sure you know that SMS is everyone’s favourite way of keeping in touch, but did you know that a staggering 96% of smartphone users prefer to use SMS over email? Or that as many as 74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase as a result of using their mobiles?

Secure Your Sales:

SMS Call-Me lets callers use messaging to make contact for an instant answer. When an alarming 67 out of every 100 customers abandon their online baskets, a simple message is often all it takes to secure customers and sales.

How Does SMS Call-Me Work?

Callers just tap a memorable keyword and shortcode into their phones, and then press send
Our system receives the message and instigates an SMS Call-Me back telephone call to your contact centre
Once your agent is connected, we call your caller’s mobile number and moments later connect you both
If it’s more convenient, customers can schedule the call at a time that’s more convenient for them

SMS Helpdesk

The convenient & flexible way to answer customers’ queries. Often customers just want the convenience of simply being able to have 2-way text conversation. That’s why we’ve developed SMS Helpdesk, so companies can talk with customers via SMS at a time that suits them. With over 80% of us keeping our phones switched on 24/7, your customers won’t miss your messages. What’s more, this is a totally white label solution – a perfect compliment to our other contact centre solutions!

The Really Helpful Bits:

Using our online SMS Helpdesk portal, agents can reply or escalate messages to supervisory level
Watch Screens allow supervisors to monitor system activity and agent replies
Performance summary reports can be downloaded and used as an invaluable aid to improving customer service
Customer numbers can be stored making it an easy way to expand your database for future marketing
Email message alerts help manage agents more efficiently

Download the product sheet here.

SMS Marketing
Switch into an audience who’s always switched on. Messaging is our own personal and primary source of instant communication. On average, we make or receive around 23 text messages a day, and 90 per cent of us will reply to these within 3 minutes. That’s why SMS Marketing is an effective and immediate call to action for organisations.

It’s Easy to Engage and Share:

Using SMS Marketing, it’s easy to reply and receive an instant answer. Message recipients simply text to a short code, making sure they enter a simple keyword at the start.

Share or Dedicate Short Codes – the choice is yours:

If you decide not to use one of our short codes, then you can choose your own. These can be used on all your campaigns e.g. text INFO to 78070.

Long Numbers:

These are virtual mobile phone numbers that work in conjunction with SMS Marketing. e.g. text INFO to 07701 234567.

Easy and Effective Campaign Management:

You can manage your customers campaigns from our secure web-based management portal. From here you can quickly allot keywords to sales and marketing drives and create individual response messages. You can even receive email alerts for each response and view live response reporting.

Download the product sheet here.

SMS Survey

SMS Survey allows you to gather meaningful feedback immediately after the event, exactly when opinions are formed and when response rates are naturally higher. You can see how your customers rate your products and services and quickly identify areas for improvement. This ensures you secure a competitive advantage, achieve excellent customer service and great operational efficiency. The speed and flexibility of SMS Survey means accurate responses can be available the same day your survey is launched.

Flexibility with Complete Control:

Our easy-to-use online portal allows you to fully customise your surveys, from branding and logo design to the exact questions asked and how data is collected.

Key Benefits:

Save on lengthy outbound call charges
Create and manage fully customisable surveys in minutes
Send surveys immediately or schedule for future broadcast
Use comprehensive reporting tools to download and analyse responses
Create unlimited bespoke surveys
Increase response rates by allowing your customers to respond at a time that suits them

There’s no limit to the number of questions, surveys can be sent to unlimited recipients and can run for indefinite periods. Alternatively, expiry dates can be administered as closing dates for participants to submit responses.

Download the product sheet here.

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