Developing our Partners’ product knowledge...

Perfectly positioned to add value...

Tailored to individual needs...

BCH Academy


OUR FOCUS is on developing our Partners’ product knowledge and helping them maximise on opportunities within their existing and prospect client base.

Through the BCH Academy is an expert team of Business Development Managers and Technicians who work with Partners to identify ways to maximise on our unique call solutions. By taking this approach, we are perfectly positioned to add value to the relationship between our Partner and their customers. Until speaking with us, many resale Partners felt they had maximised on all possible revenue streams into their key accounts; our Academy is designed to unearth concentrated margin possibilities.

OUR PARTNERSHIP We work with our Partners to assess how we can improve efficiency for their customers and create value that helps protect them against preying competitors.

BCH has a comprehensive selection of services which is made available to Partners based on their focus and capabilities. At BCH, we appreciate that not all businesses will require the same elements of support from us, so we have developed a multi-tiered programme which we are able to tailor to individual needs to maximise on the benefits of the partnership.

 Bespoke solution development assistance

• Bespoke branding of our portal and products

 Unique access to Director knowledge and experience

• Preferential Rates

 Assistance with developing strategies

 Specialised product training

 Access to our most sophisticated solutions

 Full set of branded product sheets

 “The Academy focuses on building our Partners’ knowledge of the product set and maximising on opportunities within existing and prospect client bases. The ultimate objective for the Academy is to provide an environment whereby a BCH Partner is able to confidently experience growth through our applications.”

Mark Drury, Executive Director


Our introductory standard for Partners looking to grow their inbound business and achieve an increase in sustainable revenues through working closely with BCH.


Gold Partners have a notable amount of call traffic on the BCH network. They will have completed the relevant training courses and be experiencing continual growth through their close working partnership with BCH.


Partners have a complete knowledge of the BCH services with a proven track record of successfully selling inbound applications. They have established a long-term commitment to the BCH partnership with committed resource.

Platinum Plus

An exclusive tier reserved for the largest, most committed reseller Partners of BCH. Platinum Plus Partners will be given the opportunity to have their say on new product development roadmaps and will have access to services, incentives and resources.

We work with our Partners to create an Action Plan detailing the businesses strategic objectives along with a clear roadmap on how we will work together to ensure success. This allows us to clearly identify which areas we can add most value to and design our approach around each of our Partner’s specific requirements. Continuous engagement is through ongoing account reviews and workshop opportunities. Accreditations are awarded annually to ensure they are up-to-date.

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